Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the WISY filter insert the easiest?

After prolonged use, a biofilm can form on the filter mesh. It can be easily removed with one of the following measures: Cleaning in the dishwasher: Cleaning in the dishwasher is very effective. First, remove the deposits on the stainless steel mesh with a brush, warm water and some detergent. ...

How to remove the filter insert of the vortex fine filter

Watch here how the lifting handle can easily be used to remove and replace the filter insert from the WISY Vortex Fine Filter: (Please do not store the handle inside the filter housing, otherwise the water flow might be interrupted.)

Why does my pump switch on and off all the time?

Constantly switching pump: If the pump of your rainwater system starts and stops at very short intervals, the cause may be a leak in the connected piping system. For example, a running toilet flush, a dripping tap or a leaking lawn sprinkler. In this case, the pump controller registers the ...