Rainwater for gardening and landscaping

Rainwater for your Flowers

When it comes to watering your flowers plants or lawn, rainwater is simply the best! With its very low content of dissolved minerals, it is extremely soft. Provided that you store it properly, nothing can sustain your garden better during dry spells than rainwater.

Low-maintenance filter screen

The rainwater should be filtered before it enters the storage vessel in order to cleanse it of leaves, moss or other debris that will reduce the water quality.

If you don't want the job of cleaning out the filter after every moderately heavy rain shower, you should go for a low-maintenance, vertical filter screen. Large dirt particles are automatically flushed past the screen while the rainwater itself is drawn through the filter screen by adhesion forces (see sketch).

When it comes to storing rainwater, you can choose between a rainwater barrel or an underground storage tank.

Rainwater barrel

If you only have occasional use for rainwater, we recommend that you install a rainwater barrel. Make sure that you choose the right kind of barrel - it should be made of an opaque, frost-resistant and UV-resistant material and have a fixed cover so as to prevent the growth of algae and breeding of mosquito larvae. If the rainwater filter is positioned at the maximum fill level of the barrel, you won't have any overflow problems. Fit a sturdy tap with large cross section near the base of the tank so that you can fill up your watering can quickly!

Underground storage tank

However, if you want to irrigate areas of lawn or more elaborate garden layouts, we recommend that you install an underground storage tank. This will have a significantly larger storage capacity and is equipped with a pump, ensuring that the system pressure applied to the connected taps or the sprinkler system is always just right for the job.

Ready-to-connect kit

Rain is the most natural form of water for your plants. We recommend that you buy WISY's ready-to-connect garden rainwater connection kit or fully equipped rainwater storage tanks. The filters, rainwater barrels and storage tanks are all manufactured at our factory in Kefenrod-Hitzkirchen.