Soakaway System

  • Soakaway through biologically active soil layer
  • Maintains natural soil ecology
  • Minimum excavation work
  • With coarse dirt collector made of stainless steel


The excess rainwater from storage tank overflow and drainage through the filter flows into the soakaway system. When the maximum level is reached, water is automatically pumped to the surface as a fountain and then allowed to infiltrate back into the ground. The pump switches off when the tank is empty until the maximum level is reached again. Frost proof.

Consists of:

  • Buffer tank (PE), pedestrian-duty, non-slip manhole cover
  • PE inlet tube DN 100
  • Removable coarse dirt collector (made of stainless steel)
  • Provedo feed pump with float switch and direct suction for on and off intervals, 1“ nozzle at discharge end
  • Outlet connection 1“ outside thread, for open soakaway at any locationTank height: 145 cm (4.75 ft), tank diameter 70 cm (2.3 ft)

Installation example:

Item number

Soakaway System SI 1000