Provedo 2-4
submersible pump

  • Submersible for large amounts of water at little head difference
  • Submersible pump
  • Up to 330 liters/min
  • Up to 17 m delivery head
  • Suction filter connectible


Pump with open wheel vanes for submersible use. For pumping clean water, out of rainwater storage tanks. To connect fixed or floating suction filters.

Provedo equipment for large installations with 2” suction connection (outside thread), 3⁄2” pressure side connection (inside thread).

  • Hight delivery amount
  • All water contacted parts made of stainless steel

Technical Data

Maximum delivery rate Maximum delivery head
Provedo-2 260 l/min 12,0 m
Provedo-3 280 l/min 14,0 m
Provedo-4 330 l/min 17,0 m

Item number

Provedo-2 UP 0126
Provedo-3 UP 0127
Provedo-4 UP 0128