Sigura 100 / 500

  • Separation of process water for large scale plants
  • Efficient Class 5 protection of potable water
  • Complies with with EN 1717
  • Delivery rate of 80 or 120 l/min
  • Fully automatic unit
  • Energy-efficient technology, standby consumption less than 0.2 Watt
  • E.g. for irrigation systems, car washes or livestock watering installations



SIGURA break tanks are designed for use with irrigation systems, car washes, livestock watering installations and any process in general that may not be directly connected to the mains water supply system.


The break tanks SIGURA 100 and SIGURA 500 separate the process water circuit from the mains water supply. This protects the public supply of portable water against possible contamination. The mains water top-up system is implemented as an open outlet in accordance with EN 1717 (formerly DIN 1988/4). The break tank is installed in a frost-free utility room, draws mains water out of the mains water circuit and feeds it under pressure into the process water circuit. Thus the break tank is also suitable for boosting the pressure in multiple storey buildings.

Design and operating principle

All SIGURA break tanks from WISY use tried-and-tested, reliable components. Its Zeta 02 pump controller is especially energy efficient, consuming less than 0.2 watts in standby mode.

Pump Performance

To fit any project, two different pumps are available: The powerful Multigo 407 offers up to 120 l/min, while 80 l/min are handled by the economic Multigo 207.

Buffer Tank

The buffer tank makes sure that it is always enough water in the process water circuit. 100 and 500 liter tanks are available. (SIGURA 100 and SIGURA 500).

Technical Data

Delivery rate, max. 80 oder 120 l/min
Delivery head, max. 48 m Wassersäule (480 kPa)
Buffer tank volume 100 or 500 Litres
Complies with DIN EN 1717:2011-08, DIN 1988-100:2011-08
Safety device (DIN) AA
Fluidcategory (DIN) 5

Item number

Sigura 100-205 max. 80 l/sec TR 5105
Sigura 100-407 max. 120 l/sec TR 5107
Sigura 500-205 max. 80 l/sec TR 5505
Sigura 500-407 max. 120 l/sec TR 5507