Rainwater Unit Delta: 1st Buffer tank

  • 500 litre tank with plastic screw-on cover
  • Automatic electronic control system with sensor rod
  • Overflow DN 100 with internal multisiphon
  • Connection for inlet tube of correct diameter, with integrated non-return valve


The buffer tank is installed in the utility room or basement. Its purpose is to cover peak demand. It compensates for periods when the booster pumps are pumping at a higher rate thanthe loading pump. With a buffer volume of 500 litres, it is capable of meeting the water usage requirements of large buildings.

The buffer tank is also used to draw water from the mains supply when the rainwater storage tank is empty. A fully automatic, electronic control system detects the fill levels in the buffer and storage tanks. The electronic control system then starts up either the pump in the storage tank or the mains water top-up and shuts the system down again automatically when apredefined fill level is reached.

Item number

Buffer tank complete DT 1001