Industrial Filtration

Water usage by industry

When water is used in industrial processes, it often becomes mixed with solids. The solids are later filtered out of the water either as part of the process, or for the purpose of conserving valuable resources. For applications of this kind, efficient filtering is absolutely crucial. The filtering systems deployed also need to have a long service life in order to prevent unnecessary production outages.

Benefits of the WISY filtering system

The patented WISY filtering system is the ideal solution for this type of industrial application. The filter is designed such that it does not restrict the particle flow in any way, i.e. there is no risk of blockage or backflow. The solid particles drop down through the filter, while the filtrate passes through the cylindrical filter screen at the side. A small quantity of fluid is discharged with the particles and flushes them away. The filter unit works by utilizing the flow of water and does not require any energy input.

System integration of WISY filters

WISY filter elements can be used to treat rainwater for use as process water, or can cleanse water continuously within a water-conducting process. All particles that are larger than the selected mesh size of the filter cylinder (0.28 / 0.38 / 0.44 mm) are reliably filtered out of the water. Pipe cross-sections of DN 100 to DN 300 can be connected. The hydraulic efficiency and thus the filtered water yield are dependent on the volumetric flow rate and the filter type. Hydraulic efficiency levels are illustrated in the diagram below:

Planning assistance

Are you planning to build or modernize a system for separating solid or liquid components? Are a long service life and process continuity important for your application? Just contact us. We supply extremely reliable filter products and will be pleased to advise you.

Examples of successful references for industrial applications:

  • Paper production: Separation of cellulose fibres from washing water
  • Plastics recycling: Separation of small plastic particles from transport water
  • Food production: Drainage and adjustment of juice volume when bottling processed food
  • Textile industry: Harvesting of soft rainwater for textile processing
  • Brewing: Use of rainwater as a coolant during fermentation

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