WFF 300 Rainwater Filter

Low maintenance costs
The WFF 300 Vortex Filter is the first choice for rainwater from large halls, sports stadiums, apartment blocks or public buildings.

WISY is supplying BERLIN with rainwater !

More than 500,000 rainwater filters from WISY are in use worldwide.
What could we do with 42 million m³ of rainwater ?

Rainwater harvesting
in the Greek Aegean

Green Gardens in Greece through rainwater harvesting
Beautiful gardens can be planted even under dry conditions. Take a look at the collection of our international references.

Rainwater is our Passion

We have been designing and manufacturing low-maintenance filters with stainless-steel mesh since 1989. These filters are in use all over the world - both in production processes and modern rainwater harvesting systems.

WISY quality - Made in Germany