WISY filtering principle

What makes our filters so unique:
The vertical filter mesh provides automatic dirt removal and enables an efficient self-cleaning. Our animation shows you how it works...

WISY is supplying BERLIN with rainwater !

More than 500,000 rainwater filters from WISY are in use worldwide.
What could we do with 42 million m³ of rainwater ?

LineAr 100
rainwater filter

Self-cleaning. For installation in the storage tank. Easy to retrofit.
The LineAr 100 K filters rainwater for your family home and keeps itself clean. Watch the video to learn how.

Rainwater Harvesting at
Lake Balaton

The elementary school of Mezőszentgyörgy
is only one of many successful examples for Rainwater Harvesting with WISY. Take a look on our broad list of references.

Rainwater Harvesting in Sports Arenas: Maracanã

2016 Olympic Games and 2014 Football World Cup:
Perfect playing turf through rainwater harvesting in Rio de Janeiro

WISYs 4-Step System

WISYs 4-stage system makes rainwater storable:
For more independence from water utilities and an own water supply.

Rainwater Harvesting
is our Passion

We have been designing and manufacturing low-maintenance filters with stainless-steel mesh since 1989. These filters are in use all over the world - both in production processes and modern rainwater harvesting systems.

WISY's energy-saving pump controllers for water pumps are breaking new ground when it comes to power consumption in standby mode. Our product portfolio is completed by our break tanks for separating the process water circuit from the mains water supply.

We are the world's leading engineers of rainwater harvesting equipment. We are offering an entire system for filtering and storing rainwater cleansed in four stages, as well as all the other components you will need to create your own reliable water supply.

WISY quality - Made in Germany